Technology is killing our flow. Information technology, anyway.

Our inboxes gets daily re-filled with newsletters, drip campaigns and LIVE webinar invitations. Together with FOMO and “inbox zero” directive, that locks you in the humster wheel of email-driven life.

Work email is hardly better – “Cc:” emails take over the role of newsletters, but with expectation for us to reply within 15 minutes.

Productivity apps don’t help either – they seem just adding to the cacophony of notifications and reminders your smartphone emits. Or quietly stare at you from your home screen, making you feel guilty for neglecting what promised to be your salvation.

But social media is the worst. There, the efforts to keep us distracted with “likes” and “mentions” are well-orchestrated and well-funded.

‘Cause it is your attention that turns time into money.

But what if there was different kind of technology?

Technology that guards our attention, instead of extracting it from us?

Technology that gets to know us – in order to sell us on taking action towards our dreams, rather than sell us more stuff?

Technology that eases us into the creative flow, instead of keeping us high consuming content somebody else created?

Technology that engineers good routines into our everyday lives?

Technology that creates time and emotional space for deep work? Or maybe even does some of the shallow work for us?

I’m on the bold quest to develop this technology. Here is my Massive Transformative Purpose:

To empower every human to make her life an optimal experience.

Imagine the world where every human being is accomplished, happy and productive – in her own terms.

It’s about reclaiming and leveraging the ultimate resource – human’s time on earth. Without time, nothing happens. But put time into the BOLDest idea, and it will become a reality. Key point:  one really puts time into something only when fully present and focused. And to get laser-focused, one needs to have physical energy, emotional confidence, mental clarity and spiritual purpose. Help human get these, and Flow is unavoidable. All needed is to persuade humans to put some time into building these energies, and the virtuous circle begins.

It solves the problem of best use of their time for billions of people.

It utilizes exponential technologies – AI, infinite computing, internet of everything. But all this complexity is neatly tucked under simple user interface – your daily schedule on your smartphone.

It follows the six Ds of exponential developments to the letter:

  1. There is digital option for every “time management” tool – from clock to calendar to time tracking.
  2. Existing attempts at using AI for time management and habit formation are deceptively trivial:
  3. Once sufficiently advanced, the technology will disrupt industries of personal assistants, life coaches, self-help books, and even advertisement
  4. Calendar, to do list, journal, planner, time and habit tracking, how-to guides and checklists of all sorts are all dematerialize into single roadmapp.
  5. All the disrupted industries are effectively demonetized by ubiquitous tracking and constant optimization.
  6. Meet Sputnik – everybody’s personal sidekick

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